Manoella Buffara, the star of Latin American gastronomy, in Chicha

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Manoella Buffara, the star of Latin American gastronomy, in Chicha

04 / 09 / 2018

October 12 a unique dinner will take place in Chicha: chef of the Brazilian restaurant Manu Manuela Buffara will cook dinner together with Olga Suzdalkina, Chicha’s chef.

For Moscow foodies, popular bloggers and journalists of gastronomic and lifestyle magazines, chefs will make unique dishes, based on traditions and bold Latin American tastes.

Manoella Buffara started her career in world's best restaurants, such as Aliena and Noma. The chef found her own style thanks to her great experience and special attitude to the products. Her cuisine is not only an expression of love for nature but also a study of the traditions of the Brazilian cuisine mixed with the latest cooking technologies.

Olga Suzdalkina, the chef of Chicha, is a silver medalist of Bocuse D'Or Russia-2017. Both in life and in the kitchen, Suzdalkina promotes respect for food, responsible consumption and a functional approach to eating.

Those who will not be able to attend the unique gastronomic dinner in Chicha on October 12, will have a chance to taste Manoella Buffara’s cuisine on October 13 at Selfie. Please book your tickets directly at the restaurant or by phone.

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