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16 Apr 2019

Restaurant Chicha takes part in the Russian Restaurant Festival 2019

From April 20 to May 10, the fourth Russian Restaurant Festival will happen throughout Russia. This year Chicha restaurant takes part in it!


The talented young chef Olga Suzdalkina prepared her response to the festival, ideal for exploring Peruvian cuisine.

The festival menu includes 2 sets:


Main set:
cheese buns with corn butter,
dorada ceviche with black scallop sauce “tiger milk”,
crab and mango khausa and halibut with pomelo and aji amarillo.

Dessert and drink:
avocado mousse with bitter chocolate and Courvoisier Espresso cocktail based on Courvoisier VS cognac.


Cost of sets: 990 roubles (main set)  and 350 rubles (the dessert one).

See you at CHICHA! Book tables by calling +7-495-725-25-79

десерт авокадо шоколад


кауза с крабом и манго1


палтус помело и ахи амарилло


свече  из дорого тайгер мило и ферментированный чили


сырные булочки и кукурузное масло1

04 Sep 2018

Manoella Buffara, the star of Latin American gastronomy, in Chicha

October 12 a unique dinner will take place in Chicha: chef of the Brazilian restaurant Manu Manuela Buffara will cook dinner together with Olga Suzdalkina, Chicha’s chef.

For Moscow foodies, popular bloggers and journalists of gastronomic and lifestyle magazines, chefs will make unique dishes, based on traditions and bold Latin American tastes.

Manoella Buffara started her career in world's best restaurants, such as Aliena and Noma. The chef found her own style thanks to her great experience and special attitude to the products. Her cuisine is not only an expression of love for nature but also a study of the traditions of the Brazilian cuisine mixed with the latest cooking technologies.

Olga Suzdalkina, the chef of Chicha, is a silver medalist of Bocuse D'Or Russia-2017. Both in life and in the kitchen, Suzdalkina promotes respect for food, responsible consumption and a functional approach to eating.

Those who will not be able to attend the unique gastronomic dinner in Chicha on October 12, will have a chance to taste Manoella Buffara’s cuisine on October 13 at Selfie. Please book your tickets directly at the restaurant or by phone.

30 Aug 2018

The holiday season is over, it's time to cheer up and get back to work!

Chicha knows how to solve two important tasks immediately: how to keep the vacation mood and recharge the soul and body for the autumn.


A universal recipe is a mate drink. In Peru, it is always popular and sold everywhere. Peruvians believe that this drink is a panacea for all ills.

If you have a headache, if you are tired and need some sleep, drink mate and everything will be fine.

To check whether this is so, it is unnecessary to quit your job and fly to Peru. After all, in Moscow, you can drink mate in Chicha.

Always on the menu!

16 Aug 2018

Chicha invites you to “Oyster weekends”!

On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant offers a special set: a dozen of fresh Casablanca oysters and a bottle of French wine Muscadet Sevre et Maine for 3,500 rubles.

Gentle, slightly sweet Casablanca oysters are grown in the Moroccan districts of Dakhla and Oualidia, which are well-known among many gourmets. The refined taste of oysters combines in the best way with white French wine made of Melon de Bourgogne grapes. Chicha’s sommelier has personally chosen this wine to enjoy with the oysters.

“Oyster weekend” in Chicha will become your favorite way to spend a Friday evening or a Sunday lunch: in a cozy hall and on the spacious veranda of the restaurant there are tables for two and for a large company.


27 Jul 2018

Tartare festival

Until August 5, try the MoscowRestaurant Week menu at the Chicha

Moscow Gastronomic Festival traditionally starts with the Tartare festival. Fresh and light, juicy and colorful dishes made of seasonal products are filled with unforgettable taste of summer!

For the festival menu Chicha’s chef Olga Suzdalkina created four new tartares: we recommend to try them all! The author combines beef and spicy raisins in one recipe, making the classic dish feel truly original. Tartare from the king crab is perfectly combined with a juicy apple. Ripe strawberries and ponzu sauce add a sweet note to the scallop tartare. Strawberry tartare with avocado mousse and black garlic will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmets.

12 Jul 2018

Wine quiz

July 12, Chicha wine dinner with prizes

 We invite you to an exciting journey through the new wine countries and regions. On July 12, Chicha assemble guests for an enogastronomical dinner, which will be held in the format of an exciting quiz. Guests will discover the geography of the beverages selected by the sommelier of the restaurant Margarita Koroleva and receive a gift of rare wines for home collections.

For the wine quiz the chef of the restaurant Olga Suzdalkina made a special menu. Six dishes, each of which intertwined countries and traditions. Tiradito - salmon with sorrel and wild purslane. Dim-sum - with foie-gras. Calf cheek in mole sauce - with corn risotto, and others.

  Price: 5 000 ₽

15 Jun 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Live

Eat, drink and cheer!

Chicha is offering a new menu — a menu of World Cup Live broadcasts! The Peruvian restaurant will be there with all of the Latin American fans — so feel free to join us in front of the screen. For those who would like to have dinner and watch the game at the same time, there are large TVs outside the restaurant. Our special “Football menu" will not distract you from the game and will free your hands for applause and hugs! 


>Football menu<

14 Jun 2018

June, 21: Two Mexicans in Chicha

Francisco Ruano (No. 36 in Latin American 50 Best Restaurants) and Sofia Cortino


       During the World Cup 2018 Chicha welcomes two honorable guests from Latin America: Francisco Ruano and Sophia Cortino. Mr. Ruano, who is the chef of the restaurant Alcalde in Guadalajara, has worked for many well-known restaurants around the world: Mugarits, El Culler de Cana Roca and Noma. Now Francisco Ruano is №36 in the list of the Best Restaurants in Latin America. Sofia Cortino — a chef-confectioner of the luxurious hotel Carlota — studied from the legendary French chef Pierre Herme and also worked with Enrique Olvera, who is a Mexican star chef (Pujol).

The Mexican Secretary of Tourism was proud to choose Francisco Ruano and Sofia Cortino as gastronomic ambassadors of Mexican cuisine. According to compatriots, both chefs not only know how to carefully store traditional tastes and recipes, but also reopen them to the whole world, using modern techniques and current trends. “Honest cuisine” — that's how Francisco Ruano calls his cooking style, which is based on seasonal produce from the nearest market. Francisco Ruano and Sofia Cortino would bring the produce to Moscow to cook their own specialties. Olga Suzdalkina, Chicha’s chef, will complement the menu with recipes in Peruvian style, also taking seasonal local produce as a basis. Eight courses cooked by three chefs — and original wines for each dish — would wait for you on the 21st of June in Chicha.

 FIFA would unite not only fans, but also gourmets!


• Scallop crudo with green strawberry aguachile (Francisco Ruano)

• Sea bass tiradito with gooseberries and chia seeds (Olga Suzdalkina)

• Tortilla souffle (Francisco Ruano)

• Fried cauliflower with matcha salsa (Sofia Cortino)

• Crab causa with avocado, cream cheese and chimichurri sauce (Olga Suzdalkina)

• Venison in the spices of the Yucatan (Francisco Ruano)

• Mango, red chili and yogurt (Sofia Cortino)

• Chocolate, coffee and passion fruit (Sofia Cortino)


      Price: 6 000 ₽

15 Nov 2017

Truffle season


Add some truffle to any dish where You want it and try new seasonal set by Vasily Zaytsev


Truffle is the only underground mushroom, the most fragrant, most expensive and most desired at any kitchen. We have it in black and till 17th of December the price is 120 rubles per gram (same price at every White Rabbit Family restaurant). Add it to any dish or rely on the chef's advice — he has chosen all the dishes that change their flavor drastically and turn into delicacies. Such dishes are marked with a Mushroom sign in the menu.


Vasily Zaytsev decided to that all truffle dishes should come together in one set, which will be adored by both truffle lovers and a person who tastes it for a first time.

Set menu: 


  • Susi nikkei with tuna and peruvian mango

  • Scallop with yellowtail sause & yuzu

  • Ravioli with corn & topinambur mousse

  • Beef cheek in chipotle sauce & mashed sweet potato

  • White chocolate with lichi


Price of the set — 3400 rubles. Truffles are best while fresh — don't miss the season! 


01 Oct 2017

Moscow Food Festival

Month of pleasure for Moscow trencher-men: Moscow Food Festival has started!



One hundred (100) participating restaurants — one hundred (100) up-scale sets for one price: 1900 rubles. Chef Vasiliy Zaitsev has promptly supplemented the menu with his signature tuna with crunchy cucumber in ponzu ceviche. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first date with peruvian cuisine or you fell in love with it years ago, we guarantee you a tasty time together.

Festival menu set:

Nikkei sushi-rolls of dorado with yuzu mayo

Tune with crunchy cucumber in ponzu ceviche

Lamb in anticuchos taco

Beef cheek stewed in freshwater eel and avocado sauce

Pecan ice-cream with cactus jelly


Explore new sides of Moscow to your own taste! Delicious findings with Chicha!


04 Oct 2017

Taco Attack!

Peruvian-Mexican Taco Festival


Mexican tacos with peruvian filling — Chicha fills the sails of Latin-American gastronomic trend. The geography expands, our fantasy flies higher and higher, and the menu diversifies. Until the end of October Chicha will be hosting Taco Festival, which started on National Taco Day.


Сhief Vasiliy Zaitsev has prepared some special tortillas for his unique tacos. For example, he uses purple tortillas made of tapioca with ground black corn for tacos with stewed marble ribs in Nikkei sauce. Avocado and chimichurri shrimps tacos taste especially delicious with bright-green tortillas with cheese, spinach and greens. Small golden brown pitas look like both classic corn tortillas and home-made pancakes. Each portion contains a couple of pitas.


> Menu is here < 


It’s exciting to fire them with gas-burner, flavour with lime juice or just roll, but the most exciting is to the filling!


There’s a vegetarian option with fried minicorn, bell peppers, shiitake mushrooms, cheese and avocado. Prefer classics? Get a variation on classic taco al carbón with yoghurt-pickled chicken, pineapple and cucumber, all in nut gamadary. And the chef’s recipe with unagi-stewed octopus, purple cabbage, cream cheese in chimichurri.


For meat-fans — as real Latin Americans — we have 4 dishes: anticuchos-stewed lamb’s shoulder anticuchos taco, taco with marble ribs in tomato salsa, beef cheeks in banana pepper sauce taco and fried Ribeye and mango taco.



11 Aug 2017

Wine tasting noons

Chicha slightly increases blood alcohol content — training hard in cultural exchange! Wine and strong spirits tastings every Saturday in our small hall.

Themes are given by the unique idea of the restaurant itself.

«Wine corrida at Chicha», a dance of Spanish wines and Creol dishes. Interesting wines, chosen by our sommelier Margarita Koroleva, and
original Creol dishes done by Vasiliy Zaytzev.

Further events are even more interesting. «The Path of the Conquistadors» — tasting that goes with the journey of Spanish vine grapes to the New World; Pacific Vine Alliance brunch; Pisco as an occasion and the first Peruvian wine dinner in Moscow.

25 Jul 2017

Pisco Sour festival

July 23 Peru celebrates Pisco Sour Day. Chicha greets the tradition: for two weeks there will be a festival marathon dedicated to the most popular Peruvian cocktail.

There is only one item on the to-do list — training hard in cultural exchange!

For two weeks of the festival our guests can try half a dozen variations of the classic. Exotic pisco sour with two kinds of pisco at once: cardamon and cinnamon infusions with cocoa liqueur and sweet potato purée. Truly Créole cocktail with spicy pisco, Spanish red orange liqueur and agave syrup. Known for its restorative qualities, Chestnut Pisco Sour is made from cardamon pisco, Buryatia rosebay and chestnut honey. Another variation is the Provençal style pisco with lavender aroma and elderberry liqueur, and there is even an Australian one — macadamia nut infused with tamarind syrup. In case of hot weather there is the Hibiscus Pisco Sour — with almond and summery aperol flavours, hibiscus and fresh basil.

Classic pisco sour consists of Peruvian pisco, lime juice, syrup and a drop of angostura bitters, and topped with whipped egg white — as indispensable for a sour as an olive for a martini.

24 Jul 2017

Put the music on

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in Chicha are now filled with live music and best DJ sets in Moscow.

This summer Chicha is more about music and now has a new tradition: musicians we trust turn evenings into holidays. On Thursdays and Fridays, with their sets and versalite music tastes, DJ's give the guests energy that lasts until the next weekend. Perfectly selected tracks, techno, deep house, chilout, ethnic and idm - modern electronic music is an excellent background for the beginning of the evening.


Once pre-party atmosphere is nicely set, it's time to think about chilling on the next day: on Saturdays by the piano — talented Farid Mahmudov. His repertoire contains jazz and classical music pleasant to any listener.


In addition to all that, Vasily Zaitsev also makes delicious gifts: on a fish day (Thursday) every guest will get delicious corn tostaditos with various fillings.

06 Jul 2017

«Moscow Restaurant Week»

Till July 14th — special tartar menu at Chicha.

Summer weeks of this year's «Moscow Restaurant Week» gastronomic festival are all about tartar. Popular cold snack will be presented to our guests in a manner of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine. Sevice-tartar from shrimps inside kafir lime is cooked right at the terrace, while Japanese kitchen lovers choose tuna tartar with tonkatsu and aioli sauce. Even more exotic types of  tartar are presented in special menu: crab with Peruvian mango or tartar from ribai with ponzu sauce will provide a new look at the famous dish.

09 Jun 2017

Three holidays in a row!

Chicha welcomes summer on the veranda: giant tuna, DJ sets, free cocktails and lot more



Tuna party

A huge tuna is cooked in front of our guests, becoming steaks, tartar, sashimi and tataki. Wine and champagne as a compliment.




Dancing & cocktails

Oysters from the chef and summer cocktails for free! Dancing set from DJ Yura.

17 июня

Pianist is playing jazz

Day is dedicated to rest and contemplation. Live music on the fresh air, pleasant gifts for our guests: refreshing cocktails and Peruvian eskimo.

24 Mar 2016

Crab festival at Chicha

King crab and sweet opilio crab for pre-crisis prices - Peruvian Chicha greets spring with a crab festival.

Anyone can try a delicious crab - the festival menu features meals not only for all tastes, but for all budgets as well. From miniature sushi with crab and tacos with crab meat, seasoned with Japanese aioli and sweet chili, to a rich portion of robata-grilled crab phalanxes. For fans of crab salad there is a new version of it, with a juicy cucumber straw, ripe avocado and spicy sauce, as well as egg noodles with king crab and vegetables, fried with oyster sauce, and crab “fists” in Japanese tempura. Minimum calories - maximum pleasure!

08 Mar 2016

March 8th Peruvian style

Chicha’s bartenders under the leadership of Vladimir Prokofyev have added a little passion to Women’s Day. Their celebratory “Passionnegroni” consists of sloe gin, Aperol, Campari and water from rose petals. To those who can’t buy roses their girlfriend in time should definitely start the evening with this cocktail!

The chefs of Chicha have also approached the holiday with wit. Their present - marshmallow made from Peruvian berry “mora” - prepared in the form of festively decorated skulls. When looking at that literally “sweet couple”, it’s hard not to remember the founders of International Women’s Day - Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin.

01 Mar 2016

Taco festival

Chicha restaurant is celebrating the Maslenitsa with a taco festival.

Tacos is practically a peruvian “pancake”, a stuffed flapjack folded in two. It’s not a coincidence that the festival has been timed with Maslenitsa. The holiday menu features tacos with five stuffings, each more interesting than the other. Tuna together with mango and “sweet orange” sauce or salmon with avocado, orange, tomato and cream-cheese - for those who prefer fish. Anticuchos pork ribs with sweet corn and cheese or anticuchos marble beef with salad leaves and cilantro - for those who prefer meat.

There’s even a vegetarian option with grilled Bulgairan pepper, tomato, sweet corn, red onion, avocado and Peruvian aji barbecue sauce.


14 Feb 2016

Valentine's Day at Chicha

"Love is like a drug!"

In the wake of Valentine's Day celebrations we have delivered some "forbidden" goods - a liquor with real coca leaves and chai mate de coca. On the 14th of February they can be tasted in the most provocative of celebratory cocktails - Coca Sour. Completely legal and absolutely unpredictable!


Valentines with red and pink hearts at Chicha have gone through a Peruvian makeover. Declarations of love will be done with multicoloured chocolate skulls. Elegant colourful and not at all frightening sweets made from milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate with pepper will provide room for wit. "Eating brains", "biting the head off" - and what are your plans for Lovers' Day?

22 Oct 2015

Virgilio Martinez visit

The most famous chef in Latin America - in Moscow for the first time!

Virgilio Martinez is a revolutionary and a perfectionist. His restaurant Central in Lima was ranked fourth in the list of the best restaurants in the world, The World's 50 Best, and the first in Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants. In October, the famous Peruvian chef will come to Moscow to prepare a gastronomic dinner in honor of the official opening of the Chicha restaurant.


The name Virgilio Martinez is associated with a Peruvian cuisine boom sweeping the world. He opens the restaurants not only in Peru, but also in London, travels up the Andes in search of herbs, berries, roots, and visits gastronomic congresses to talk about the unique products and recipes of his motherland.


However, he had not yet gone this far. After the great Peruvian expedition, undertaken at the beginning of the year by the founder of White Rabbit Family Boris Zarkov and Brand Chef Vladimir Mukhin, Vergilio arrives to Russia for a return visit. He comes to taste Russian cuisine, which is as rich as Peruvian with potatoes and fish, to get acquainted with new products and, of course, to cook.


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