We reveal the ancient secrets of the Incas with the restaurant Chicha Moscow and the exhibition “Eldorado. Treasures of the Indians”

We reveal the ancient secrets of the Incas with the restaurant Chicha Moscow and the exhibition “Eldorado. Treasures of the Indians”

13 / 05 / 2019

Dear friends!
We have great news for Peruvian and Latin American cuisine lovers and history and the legendary treasures of the Indians fans.

The joint project of the Chicha Moscow restaurant and the «Eldorado» exhibition starts soon, that is called «Dinner at the Golden Eldorado».
Guests of the Chicha restaurant with a check of over 4000 rubles will receive a free ticket to a unique exhibition dedicated to the life and culture of the indigenous people of two American continents, where they can touch the heritage of mysterious ancient peoples, see the gold, totems and steles of the Aztecs and Incas.

Since May 20, a series of seven dinners with thematic lectures on Indian culture will start at Chicha Restaurant. This event includes:
• dinner-set from chef Olga Suzdalkina, wine accompaniment;
• a lecture from the curators of the exhibition with the most interesting facts about Peru of the Inca time;
• an exclusive exhibition and a detailed story;
• a ticket to the exhibition with the opportunity to continue acquaintance with the history and enjoy the entire rich palette of treasures in Red October Gallery on the Bolotny Island.
The evening begins at 19.00. Guests quantity is strictly limited. The cost of participation is 4000 rubles.
The exhibition is organized by the “Art of Nations” foundation, created for the development of cultural exchanges of various ethnic groups. The Foundation has assembled the richest private collection of pre-Columbian American artifacts and works of art.

First lecture, May 20: "Gifts of ancient cultures."
It is about the gifts to the Gods in the form of ceramics and the culture of love and sex among the ancient Indians. Who are they idolized and feared? What secrets their relationships hide? The basis of the lecture is the answers to these and other questions.

Lecture Topics:
1. Gifts of ancient cultures (May 20)
2. South American gods (May 29)
3. The rituals of shamans and psychedelic substances, Ayayaska (June 5)
4. The power of tattoos (June 17)
5. Delicious Inca gold (traditional food and drinks) (June 26)
6. Warriors of the eagle, jaguar and fox. Lecture on classes in Native American society (July 1)
7. Great Indians. Emperors. Malinche, Cortez’s concubine (July 17)

Dinner set menu:
• cheese buns, corn oil;
• dorada ceviche with fermented chili;
• causa, halibut;
• cheek with mole;
• avocado, chocolate;
• wine accompaniment.

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