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18 Jul 2019

Now in Chicha: sinless burgers!

Since April 19, vegetable food burgers with #sinless meat have appeared on the Chicha menu.


Innovative burger is made from vegetable meat Beyond Meat, consisting of pea protein, water and oil, 100% vegan. By its consistency, smell, taste and color, it is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual meat, and the red color is achieved through beet juice. When a vegetable cutlet is placed on the grill, it expires with juice, releases fat and squirts, turning brown as it is fried, just like a beef one. It is impossible to distinguish it from a real burger.


A team of 40 scientists, chefs, molecular biologists and plant physiologists worked on the formula of plant meat in the innovation center of the Manhattan Beach Project in California. For more than seven years they have worked to make it as similar as possible to the present. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp., Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, Leonardo DiCaprio, McDonald’s ex-CEO Don Thompson and many other rich people who care about the future of our planet invested in the development of vegetable meat. Then the protein giant Tyson Foods and Nestle Corporation followed them.

The White Rabbit Family holding shares the ideas and values of responsible and environmentally friendly consumption and seeks to draw the attention of society to the complex issues involved. The production of a vegetable burger consumes 99% less water, 93% less land, 46% less electricity, and greenhouse gas emissions when it is produced is exactly ten times less than if it were from ordinary meat.

Try the unique sinless Burger at Chicha from April 19!

04 Mar 2019

Vegan Set

Chicha is ready to surprise its guests again!

This time with a new tab in the menu called “Vegan Set”. The appearance of the set is the result of our chief Olga Suzdalkina’s long work.


The new set consists of 5 positions:

Almond Yoghurt, Herbs and Wasabi
Dried beets, cedar milk
Mushrooms and algae dim sum
Broccoli, black pepper and miso
«Pavlova» dessert, coconut mousse and raspberries


The set will be an excellent option for those who wants to slim after the holiday feasts. You can also try it during Lent.


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28 Oct 2018

Visa for White Rabbit Family

To the end of 2019 there are special conditions for holders of premium Visa cards of Russian banks: 10% discount for Visa Platinum and Visa Signature cards and 15% for Visa Infinite cards. The discount is offered only if payment of the total amount is not more than 8 guests and not aggregated with the discount cards in WRF.

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