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05 Jun 2019

Welcome to the veranda!

Meeting the spring outdoors

 Wicker sofas, long-awaited greenery and a lively city center right behind the glass - that is the new season in Chicha. It's time to discover juicy cocktails and steam hookahs, in anticipation of the summer as bright as in Peru. This Saturday – opening of a new space and an updated menu of Latin American cuisine!

22 May 2019

Oyster bar + Prosecco at Chicha restaurant

Oysters settled in the Raw bar of our new summer menu!

Chicha Restaurant pampers our favorite guests by desired aperitif of summer season. Here they are - dozen oysters and bottle of Prosecco for 5000 rubles.

You could also enjoy gifts of the sea without a sparkling wine - 200 rubles for one oyster.

Let’s make every day of your summer a little celebration!

Booking tables at our beautiful summer terrace +7 (495) 725-25-79 and

18 Apr 2019

Now in Chicha: sinless burgers!

Since April 19, vegetable food burgers with #sinless meat have appeared on the Chicha menu.


Innovative burger is made from vegetable meat Beyond Meat, consisting of pea protein, water and oil, 100% vegan. By its consistency, smell, taste and color, it is almost impossible to distinguish from the usual meat, and the red color is achieved through beet juice. When a vegetable cutlet is placed on the grill, it expires with juice, releases fat and squirts, turning brown as it is fried, just like a beef one. It is impossible to distinguish it from a real burger.


A team of 40 scientists, chefs, molecular biologists and plant physiologists worked on the formula of plant meat in the innovation center of the Manhattan Beach Project in California. For more than seven years they have worked to make it as similar as possible to the present. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corp., Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder, Leonardo DiCaprio, McDonald’s ex-CEO Don Thompson and many other rich people who care about the future of our planet invested in the development of vegetable meat. Then the protein giant Tyson Foods and Nestle Corporation followed them.

The White Rabbit Family holding shares the ideas and values of responsible and environmentally friendly consumption and seeks to draw the attention of society to the complex issues involved. The production of a vegetable burger consumes 99% less water, 93% less land, 46% less electricity, and greenhouse gas emissions when it is produced is exactly ten times less than if it were from ordinary meat.

Try the unique sinless Burger at Chicha from April 19!

17 Apr 2019


On Easter Sunday the Russian orthodox and Latin American traditions will collaborate in Chicha.

All guests will receive compliments on this day: Easter painted eggs as a memorable souvenir and cold herbal tea: thyme, peppermint, mountain ash, black currant, raspberry and birch. Also, from April 25 in Chicha you can buy cakes: large and small chocolate (700 g, cost 380 rubles and 200 g, cost 260 rubles), as well as cream with mango, in two sizes (700 g, cost 380 rubles and 200 g, cost 320 rubles).

16 Apr 2019

Restaurant Chicha takes part in the Russian Restaurant Festival 2019

From April 20 to May 10, the fourth Russian Restaurant Festival will happen throughout Russia. This year Chicha restaurant takes part in it!


The talented young chef Olga Suzdalkina prepared her response to the festival, ideal for exploring Peruvian cuisine.

The festival menu includes 2 sets:


Main set:
cheese buns with corn butter,
dorada ceviche with black scallop sauce “tiger milk”,
crab and mango khausa and halibut with pomelo and aji amarillo.

Dessert and drink:
avocado mousse with bitter chocolate and Courvoisier Espresso cocktail based on Courvoisier VS cognac.


Cost of sets: 990 roubles (main set)  and 350 rubles (the dessert one).

See you at CHICHA! Book tables by calling +7-495-725-25-79

десерт авокадо шоколад


кауза с крабом и манго1


палтус помело и ахи амарилло


свече  из дорого тайгер мило и ферментированный чили


сырные булочки и кукурузное масло1

09 Apr 2019

Live music in Chicha!

Live music in Chicha Moscow every Friday and Saturday!

With the mysterious Peruvian folklore food, as you know, is absorbed better, and life is more fun.

This Friday, April 12, from 19:00, bewitching authentic melodies from the real Peruvian Indian. You need to be here!
From 21:00 the party mood will be created by DJ Dollario for you!


Book tables by phone, while there are still free: +7 495 725‑25-79

04 Mar 2019

Vegan Set

Chicha is ready to surprise its guests again!

This time with a new tab in the menu called “Vegan Set”. The appearance of the set is the result of our chief Olga Suzdalkina’s long work.


The new set consists of 5 positions:

Almond Yoghurt, Herbs and Wasabi
Dried beets, cedar milk
Mushrooms and algae dim sum
Broccoli, black pepper and miso
«Pavlova» dessert, coconut mousse and raspberries


The set will be an excellent option for those who wants to slim after the holiday feasts. You can also try it during Lent.


Book a table right now by calling 8-495-725-25-79.

15 Nov 2018

The best office parties are in Chicha!

Celebrate the upcoming new 2019 year in our restaurant. We are waiting for your applications and wishes by the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


23 Oct 2018

Live music at CHICHA!

Actual schedule of performances of artists

On November 2 and 23 The Tayata Inka group represents in CHICHA the musical culture of one of the oldest civilizations of the planet — South American Incas. The music is performed on folk instruments: reed flutes zampoña and quena, a small guitar made of an armadillo shell, drums, huancara and chajchas.

On November 3, 10 and 30 the instrumental duo of Oleg KiO & Lidia Speier will delight the guests with Peruvian motifs, Latin rhythms, acoustic versions of world hits and authors’ compositions.

On November 9, 17, 24 and December 1 the musicians of Cavelamp duo will take hang to CHICHA. It is believed that hang has a healing effect on the humans’ body! Must hear!

04 Sep 2018

Manoella Buffara, the star of Latin American gastronomy, in Chicha

October 12 a unique dinner will take place in Chicha: chef of the Brazilian restaurant Manu Manuela Buffara will cook dinner together with Olga Suzdalkina, Chicha’s chef.

For Moscow foodies, popular bloggers and journalists of gastronomic and lifestyle magazines, chefs will make unique dishes, based on traditions and bold Latin American tastes.

Manoella Buffara started her career in world's best restaurants, such as Aliena and Noma. The chef found her own style thanks to her great experience and special attitude to the products. Her cuisine is not only an expression of love for nature but also a study of the traditions of the Brazilian cuisine mixed with the latest cooking technologies.

Olga Suzdalkina, the chef of Chicha, is a silver medalist of Bocuse D'Or Russia-2017. Both in life and in the kitchen, Suzdalkina promotes respect for food, responsible consumption and a functional approach to eating.

Those who will not be able to attend the unique gastronomic dinner in Chicha on October 12, will have a chance to taste Manoella Buffara’s cuisine on October 13 at Selfie. Please book your tickets directly at the restaurant or by phone.

30 Aug 2018

The holiday season is over, it's time to cheer up and get back to work!

Chicha knows how to solve two important tasks immediately: how to keep the vacation mood and recharge the soul and body for the autumn.


A universal recipe is a mate drink. In Peru, it is always popular and sold everywhere. Peruvians believe that this drink is a panacea for all ills.

If you have a headache, if you are tired and need some sleep, drink mate and everything will be fine.

To check whether this is so, it is unnecessary to quit your job and fly to Peru. After all, in Moscow, you can drink mate in Chicha.

Always on the menu!

16 Aug 2018

Special offer: free cocktail

From Monday to Friday in CHICHA after 6 p.m. — compliment to each guest. Enjoy a free non-alcoholic cocktail: every week a new one! Come and try each recipe!

16 Aug 2018

Chicha invites you to “Oyster weekends”!

On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant offers a special set: a dozen of fresh Casablanca oysters and a bottle of French wine Muscadet Sevre et Maine for 3,500 rubles.

Gentle, slightly sweet Casablanca oysters are grown in the Moroccan districts of Dakhla and Oualidia, which are well-known among many gourmets. The refined taste of oysters combines in the best way with white French wine made of Melon de Bourgogne grapes. Chicha’s sommelier has personally chosen this wine to enjoy with the oysters.

“Oyster weekend” in Chicha will become your favorite way to spend a Friday evening or a Sunday lunch: in a cozy hall and on the spacious veranda of the restaurant there are tables for two and for a large company.


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